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Electromechanical devices
ICís, UNF modules, Microassemblies
Lampes, Indicators
LEDs, Indicators
Piezo, SAW, X-tal, Filters
Power semiconductor
Switshing devices
Throttles, transformers
Vacuum tubes and Sockets
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Ceramic capacitors, Chip capacitors, Glass capacitors, Mica capacitors, Polystyrene capacitors, Teflon capacitors, Polyethileneterephtalatic, Polycarbonate capacitors, Polypropilene capacitors, Paper capacitors, Electrolytic capacitor, Tantalum and niobic capacitors, Aluminium capacitors, Variable capacitors, Vacuum capacitors, Capacitor assembly.

Diode, Diode Bridges, UHF diodes,tunnel diodes, UHF varicapes, Dynistors, Thyristor, Stabilitrons (Zener diodes), Varicapes, Photodiodes, Noise sources, Optrons.

Electromechanical devices:
Motors, Selsyns, Rotary transformers, Miscellaneous.

IC’s, UHF modules, Microassemblies:
100–199, 200–299, 300–499, 500–549, 550–599, 600–999, 1000–, Miscellaneous.

Lamp, LCD, Indicators.

LEDs, Indicators:
IR LED, LED, Bi-colour LED, Laser LED, LED Indicators.

Swithes, Connectors, Miscellaneous.

Piezo, SAW, X-tal, Filters:
X-tal generators, Piezoceramic devices, SAW-filters, Piezoceramic filters, Filters electromechanical, RF-filters.

Power semiconductor

Resistors, Precision Resistor, Precision wire-wound resistor, Chip resistor, UHF resistors, High resistant resistor, Resistor assembly, Variable resistor, SMD variable resistors, Wire-wound variable resistors, Wire-wound precision variable resistor, Thermoresistor, Varistor, Photoresistor.

Switching devices:
Reed relay, Relay, Contactors, Remote switches, Time elements, Vacuum switches, Solid state relay, Miscellaneous.

Throttles, transformers:
Throttles, Transformers.

Transistors, Assemblies, Germanium transistors, Field Effect Transistors, Miscellaneous.

Vacuum tubes and Sockets:
Vacuum tubes, Generator & modulator tubes, Travelling Wave Tubes, Backward Wave Tubes, Klystrons, Magnetrons, Cathode Ray Tubes, Vidicons, X-ray Tubes, Gas-discharge Devices, Noise source tubes, Photoelectrons Multiplier, Spark-gap tubes, Miscellaneous, Sockets.

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